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Parts & Service

Hussey & Company is involved in many aspects of service. One service we especially pride ourselves on is reconditioning equipment, from sandblasting and repainting to making your unit completely field ready. It doesn't matter what make or model you have, we tailor our service to meet your needs.

In addition to reconditioning, Hussey & Company offers new and used parts. Currently, we are stocked with New Leader Spinner Box parts and have several used parts for a variety of chassis and systems. From the headlights to the taillights and everything in between, we have compatible parts. If we don't have it in stock, we will find it for you. If it is not on the partial list below, don't hesitate to call.

Part Description Price
Spinner New Leader Spinner Parts Call for Details
Spinner Assembly (Used) New Leader GT Spinner Assembly Call for Details
Liquid Injection (Used) Ag Chem Liquid Injection System for Air Spreader (pump needs rebuilding) Call for Details
Mark III Controller (Used) controller for New Leader Spinner Box, cables, etc. Call for Details
Sprayer Parts Sprayer Parts Call for Details
Raven Monitors Raven Products, GPS Products Call for Details
Dickey John Controls (Used) Dickey John 100, 1000 Dry & Liquid Controls, cables, etc. Call for Details
Pressure Transducer Dickey John 100 Pressure Transducer Call for Details
Mid Tech Monitor (Used) CCI 2000 Liquid Control Call for Details
Mid Tech Monitor (Used) TASC 6300 Control Call for Details
Ag Chem Terra Tronics (Used) Terra Tronics II Sprayer Monitor Call for Details
Radar Guns (Used) Dickey John Radar Guns Call for Details
Transmission (Used) Allison MT 643 Automatic Transmission Call for Details
Post Tires Post Emerge Tires for 3 Wheel Floater Sprayer, Firestones, 16 ply, 75%, Rears are 18x25", fronts are 15.5x25", mounts Call for Details
Floater Tires (Used) All Sizes Call for Details
Rims (Used) Rims for all sizes of Floater Tires Call for Details
Fan Housing (Used) Miscellaneous AirMax 180 Fan Housing Call for Details
Sprayer Trailer JTI Trailer, Single Axle Dual Tires Ramps, enclosed well, 16,000 lbs. Call for Details
AirMax V Parts (Used) Miscellaneous LorAl/Ag Chem AirMax parts, booms, etc. Call for Details
Booms (Used) Ag Chem AirMax 180 booms Call for Details
Axles Eaton Rear Axle Shafts Call for Details
Booms (Used) Ag Chem /LorAl AirMax V booms Call for Details
Rinse Tanks Top Mounted Rinse Tanks, Poly Call for Details
Saddle Tanks Stainless Steel and Poly Tanks, Several Sizes Call for Details
Foamer Tanks 60 Gallon Stainless Steal Foam Tanks Call for Details
Monitors (Used) Case/Tyler FlexAir Monitors Call for Details
Booms (Used) Ag Chem/LorAl AirMax 1000/2000 70’ bins Call for Details
Tarps (New/Used) Tarps Call for Details
 Pumps (Used) Rexroth Pumps Call for Details
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